Reducing waste and the efficient use of water play an important role in addressing some of humanity’s greatest challenges today – climate change and water scarcity. A promising solution is the implementation of a circular economy.

As one of the projects selected to benefit from the European Commission’s Horizon Results Booster, SCALIBUR along with AFTERLIFE (GA no. 745737), ALICE (GA no. 734560), Run4life (GA no. 730285), and ZERO BRINE (GA no. 730390), have established the project group “Value Creation from Wastewater”. These projects introduce solutions for wastewater treatment, recovery and reuse for both industrial and public sector utilities operators and policy actors.

Under this initiative, the Value Creation from Wastewater project group selected and mapped their key exploitable results and developed a joint portfolio of complementary results and have agreed to collaborate to provide visibility for each other’s innovations. 

Discover more in the video below and via this factsheet.