Biowaste Collection

Best practices

In order to help cities improve their management of biowaste, SCALIBUR partners will identify and develop best practices for selective collection, transport, sorting and pre-treatment, and characterisation of the organic fraction of municipal solid waste (OFMSW), HORECA and retail waste and sewage sludge. Click on the icons below to download our best practice factsheets!

Partners will identify technical best practices in terms of containerisation and depositing/collection of waste. Attention will also be paid to citizen awareness campaigning and the most effective incentive schemes.

A start to end process for sorting and pre-treatment of OFMSW will be developed, including an innovative biowaste monitoring system. Best practices for sorting and pre-treating sewage sludge will also be sought.

Transport and logistics of urban biowaste will be optimised during the project by identifying the best methods and algorithms to reduce collection times, avoiding transport steps and optimise the time needed to reach the treatment plants.

Partners will develop a characterisation protocol for the three biowaste fractions. This will help to optimise the feedstocks for conversion to high added value products.

Pilot actions

Partners will engage stakeholders along the value chain – from waste generators to collectors and processors – to support the integration of innovative biowaste management practices in three pilot cities – Albano Laziale (Italy), Kozani (Greece) and Madrid (Spain). Pilot actions to test and evaluate good practices will start in 2020.
Read the stories of our pilot cities:

Hear ITENE at “Sustainable pathways for the tourism industry” // 30 May, Online

SCALIBUR coordinator César Aliaga (itene) will be presenting at the upcoming conference “Sustainable Pathways for the Tourism Industry in Malta” on 30 May. The Peer learning workshop will bring together important players in the Maltese hospitality sector with relevant stakeholders from across Europe to share experiences, practices, high-tech solutions, along with ESPON research evidence to empower sustainable […]

SCALIBUR launches engagement action with Spanish supermarkets

SCALIBUR partners CSCP, itene, FCC and the Municipality of Madrid have started working with numerous Spanish food retail companies to educate about separate collection and recycling of biowaste. The first in a series of webinars was held last week, with the aim of: Analysing why the European Green Deal and the circular economy are relevant […]

Save the date – Kozani Climate Neutrality Week

From the 30 May to 5 June the Greek city of Kozani, a SCALIBUR pilot city and a HOOP lighthouse territory, will host its first “Climate Neutrality Week”. Kozani has been selected among the European Mission 100 cities that will become Climate-Neutral and Smart by 2030, delivering the EU’s climate targets on the way to […]

Best performing territory

The Municipality of Lund participates as best performing territory and mentor. Discovery how they became a circular economy pioneer:


To find out more about SCALIBUR’s work on biowaste collection please contact:
Licinio Díaz Expósito, ITENE