The ROOTS group -a team formed by five Horizon 2020 projects (HOOP, VALUEWASTE, SCALIBUR, WaysTUP! and CITYLOOPS) – shared their experience with EU policy makers this week, aiming to inspire changes to the EU biowaste framework.

The Policy Conference Circular policies for changing the biowastesystem was held at the European Committee of the Regions in Brussels, and hosted by the Region of Murcia. More than 24 companies and organisations active in the sector spoke during the event, including: CETENMA, ITENE, ICLEI Europe, EUBIA, Prezero, FCC, Aqualia, SAV, BIR, GAIKER, UNIBIO, University of Alicante, IVIA, ENTOMO AGROINDUSTRIAL, UNIMORE, AMB Barcelona, City of Porto, CSCP, City of Valencia, Murcia City Council, Science for Change, RdA Climate Solutions and CluBE.

Recommendations were presented on the following topics of relevance for the biowaste system:

  • Recycling targets and treatment plants
  • Waste and by-products
  • Insects for animal feed
  • Biowaste prevention
  • Citizen awareness
  • Investment needs

In the ROOTS projects we are very close to key players in urban bioeconomy, therefore we have developed a good understanding of their needs and challenges, and gathered information and results which are crucial for policy.” Martín Soriano from CETENMA, coordinators of the HOOP and VALUEWASTE projects.

The ROOTS group can play an important role in informing EU policy makers to create a framework to advance the urban circular bioeconomy, a key sector to deliver the EU Green Deal in our cities and regions.” Adrián Zittelli, Region of Murcia, European Committee of the Regions alternate member.

To view the recommendations in full download the ROOTS policy paper here. To learn more about the event Circular policies for changing the biowaste system policy conference, click here.

Participants at the ROOTS conference