Household food waste valorisation


How it works

Biowaste will be biochemically converted by an innovative enzymatic hydrolysis treatment at CENER, using optimised enzymatic cocktails from ASA.
The solid hydrolysate will be further processed by AERIS, using solid state fermentation to produce biopesticides. CENER will also further test the liquid hydrolysate to produce biopesticides.
The liquid hydrolysate will be upgraded by fermentation into biodegradable polyesters by Novamont, which ITENE will process into bioplastic films for food packaging.


Latest updates

SCALIBUR presented at Conference on Sustainable Solid Waste Management

Lucian Miron from Zetadec represented SCALIBUR at the 9th International Conference on Sustainable Solid Waste Management, held in Corfu from 15-18 June 2022. He made a presentation about the role of black soldier fly larvae in a circular economy. Regulation and consumer acceptance are currently the largest barriers to the adoption of insects as viable […]

We hope you enjoyed the Albano Laziale Circular Economy Week!

From 16 to 20 May the Italian city of Albano Laziale held its first ‘Circular Economy Week’, a series of in-person events around the themes of biowaste management and circularity. The ‘Circular Economy Week’ raised awareness locally about circular initiatives and emerging technological solutions for the valorisation of organic waste. Catch up now with some […]

Hear ITENE at “Sustainable pathways for the tourism industry” // 30 May, Online

SCALIBUR coordinator César Aliaga (itene) will be presenting at the upcoming conference “Sustainable Pathways for the Tourism Industry in Malta” on 30 May. The Peer learning workshop will bring together important players in the Maltese hospitality sector with relevant stakeholders from across Europe to share experiences, practices, high-tech solutions, along with ESPON research evidence to empower sustainable […]


To find out more about SCALIBUR’s work on valorisation of OFMSW please contact:
Inés del Campo, CENER